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Hey Fresno County!

Summer at Your Library is starting! We have three different reading programs - so make sure to choose the one that works for you. Each program has its own grand prize drawing, and winners will be notified via email/phone. For kids and teens, once you have read four hours, you will receive a quick note on your Bookpoints log notifying you to go to your favorite Library branch to pick out a free book. 

Once you finish your reading program (kids and teens: read 8 hours, adults: read 3 books) - fill out the survey at your local library or online (if you do the survey online from your reader's dashboard, a secret code will appear at the end, enter this code into the box on your dashboard) to enter into the grand prize drawing for a chance to win a cool prize. Make sure to fill it out completely! 

The different programs:

  • Kids (0-11): Read for a total of 8 hours, in minute increments, between June 20 and July 31 to win 2 free prize books and enter the drawing for some fun prizes for kids!
  • Teens (12-17): Read for a total of 8 hours, in hour-long increments, between June 20 and July 31 to win 2 free prize books and enter the drawing for a brand new Nintendo Switch!
  • Adults (18+): Read at least 3 books this summer to enter the grand prize drawing to win an iPad. Also make sure you register before June 30th to enter into a special drawing to win a free Amazon Fire tablet!

A few notes about adding readers: Make sure to add yourself as a reader, creating the account doesn't do this automatically (if you don't see a name in the reader list on the dashboard, click the add reader button and fill out the form). If you would like to add more than one reader to your account, keep clicking "Add a Reader" until you're done. Also, when you are adding readers, and you don't find your school - don't worry! Go ahead and choose "other". We tried to add in all the schools in Fresno County, but there may be some we've missed!

Watch our tutorial for additional information.

Visit for more information on our performances (both in-person and digital) featuring magic, poetry, dancing, and so much more!

Finally - if you have any questions or concerns, either use the form here or visit your local library for more information!

Happy Summer!

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